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After School Center


Why Focus on After School? Foremost, there is an abundance of After school programs that are available to socially disadvantaged children.  Supporting these children is the primary Mission of our organization.


Additionally, After School programs are rich in time available to deliver support to kids in a way that does not impact day-time instruction. In fact, many programs offer from three to four hours of daily, supervised instruction and from three to five days per week. 



Gains in academic achievement from 11-17% (measured by standardized test scores), have been shown to be achievable in regular day-time instruction through a mix of leveraging technology in the classroom, embedding emotional intelligence programs in formal education, and enriching education with arts and science instruction. 


Are these figures equally relevant for a large population of youth living in environmentally and/or family challenged situations that make these kids at risk of social and economic exclusion? If advancements in day-time instruction do not adequately meet the needs of these youth, what alternatives can be provided? 



The most economically disadvantaged homes in Spain have a devastatingly low internet access rate of 40.3% according to a 2013 survey by Instituto Nacional de Estadística.


We create the content After School center programs need to help bridge the digital divide for children at risk of exclusion. 

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