Using PADLET to Combat Racism


It is often difficult to notice the injustices that prevail in one’s own society. We can easily become blinded by practices that are considered “normal” or widely-accepted (or even widely-ignored). In the month of January, about 20 kids between the ages of 12 and 16 at risk of social exclusion started tackling the reality of racist practices that exist in our present day society. Thanks to the activity “Against Racism and Xenophobia” which was sponsored by the team here at Fundación Sanders (FUSA), these youngsters were able to begin brainstorming ways to counter these injustices and to promote equality.

The activity was taught in two workshops, one held in the Asociación EOF on January 15th, and the other in the Fundación Tomillo de Majadahonda on January 28th. These activities were incorporated into the after school lesson plan in each of these centers.

The students were able to learn more about racism and xenophobia by watching provoking videos* which sparked discussion. The students were then asked to work as a group to position themselves in certain scenarios in which racism is often seen and felt. The students analysed what made certain behaviors racist and the consequences of such behaviors. They also participated by sharing their own personal experiences with racism and xenophobia.

The educators of the Asociación EOF, voiced the great impact the videos had on the students. According to them, the videos were appropriate examples to introduce the topics of racism and xenophobia. For the students, being able to express their opinions and conclusions on Padlet and being able to observe what their classmates thought created an atmosphere that was both motivating and fun.

At the Fundación Tomillo center in Majadahonda, an educator assured us that the students’ discussion was centered on their perceived need to defend those who were targets of racist behaviors, the notion that we are all the same, and that it is imperative that we respect one another rather than discriminate against a certain group of people.

Because the implementation of new technologies in classroom settings is an important part of FUSA’s mission, these interactive workshops focused on the introduction of the software Padlet to the students. Students shared tablets to learn how to better interact with this particular software.

We at FUSA, through sponsoring activities such as this one, wish to teach these students, who may be at risk of social exclusion, how to use new technology to express their emotions and opinions, to better their oral and written communication, and to generate new ideas through group reflection and analysis. We believe that Social Emotional Learning (SEL) can be supported by these different creative tools!

We are also pleased to announce that since the implementation of this activity in January, we have been able to create a new activity on alcoholism! More info about this activity to come!

Youtube videos:

"El Pasajero Negro 'Schwarzfahrer'"

"¿Cuál es el Muñeco Bonito?"

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