New Year, New Team!

Well, more like an expanded team rather than a completely new one. For 2015, we at Fundación Sanders (FUSA) are looking to expand our volunteer program in new and exciting ways. We are a non-profit entity that specializes in advancing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) through the use of new technology. So far, we have assembled a team of 17 people to help us in the development and publication of the various activities we have organized. Of the 17 team members, 12 are volunteers (all professionals working in their fields) and 5 are university interns.

Thanks to the support we’re receiving from our new partners, we have been able to advance more in this direction of expansion. They’ve brought to our attention certain challenges that we should aim to overcome. Among the challenges we need to face are the launching and relaunching of our communication platforms, mainly our social media sites. That being said, we want to formally welcome you and thank you if you are newly following us on Twitter and Facebook. We hope to provide a constant flow of exciting news to you about our foundation!

Through our social media sites, we also hope to foster a close relationship with all of you who are interested in learning more about what we do. We want to provide news about the integration of new technology in after school centers that work with children at risk of social exclusion. We also want to hear back from you! Your suggestions are always welcome.

We’re excited to announce that, thanks to our growing volunteer program, we will be able to develop 36 new activities in 2015. These activities will focus on the health and personal development of children at risk of social exclusion and will aim to better their educational experiences in after school programs. In order to guarantee the brightest minds on our team, we have entered into internship agreements with some of Madrid’s best universities: Saint Louis University (American), Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and Universidad de Alcalá.

FUSA would like to welcome you to our blog. Stay tuned to find out all about our projects and activities. Thanks for reading!

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