Digital Workshops


Technology empowered Project Based Learning workshops that are motivating, innovative, and designed to leverage the potential of new digital educational tools.


"Project Based Learning" (PBL) is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge.


Our series of workshops leverage readily accessible classroom technology such as smartphones and tablets that can access on-line apps to help quickly strengthen communication, presentation, and storytelling skills in youths.  These PBL workshops that can be incorporated into an existing PBL program or run as stand-alone developmental modules.


What Makes our PBL Activities Unique?

As students progress through the workshops, they will have opportunities to submit interim work products directly to our team of university audio-visual student interns who will provide individual feedback and assist the students in creating a high quality publishable piece of work. An objective is for students to develop a sense of ownership in the work they produce while re-enforcing the overall objectives of the workshop to strengthen their communication skills.


Our PBL program provides opportunities for schools and after school centers to submit their projects into various competitions for prizes and recognition.  While the primary motivation for sponsoring competitive programs is to motivate students to do their absolute best, there is also tremendous value in expanding the perspective and awareness of kids to other peers outside of their local school or community.   


We also operate an on-line digital radio program where we publish the content developed as kids progress through our Radio & Journalism Workshop. This content is made available to radio stations across Spain and globally in an effort to get local kids to follow the diffusion of digital content they create and simultaneously develop a healthy and supportive attitude regarding their relevance in the world and their capacity to be impactful.        


What to Expect?

Our key goal is to make every workshop simple for teachers to implement and fun and effective as learning tools for learners between 6 – 17 years of age.  Each workshop includes a detailed and easy to follow activity guide that explains the learning objectives, teaching curriculum, and required material.  Students follow an on-line, interactive learning tool designed for use during class time or as a reference tool outside of class that students can share with their family.


Each workshop provides several hours of instruction that can be scaled or adapted depending on the needs or goals of the instructor.  


Comment from an Audio-Visual Student Volunteer…


“Hi, I’m Lorena one of the audio visual team student interns. We are looking forward to working with you and all of your students! These workshops are fun and we want to make sure you have a great experience.  Count on us!”

Radio & Journalism Workshop

Kids learn how to write, rehearse and record their own audio segments which could involve a news story, interview, or special investigation. The learning experience focuses on the principles of journalism and provides kids with an opportunity to rehearse and perform their piece.


Kids  may   record   and   broadcast   their   work   on  our on-line radio platform that is accessible to Spanish and international children´s radio programs to add to the realism and excitement of their experience.

Video & Film Production Workshop

Lights, camera, action! In this hands-on filmmaking course aspiring film directors will learn the skills to make their very own film.


Working in small groups, kids become directors, writers, cinematographers and editors of their very own short movie! This is the most dynamic and skill-based learning experience we offer for kids, teaching camera technique, scriptwriting, filming, editing and pre-production.


The workshop teaches the basics of working with locations, costumes, hair and make up and rehearsals. Then it is time to shoot their film, edit the moving images and record a soundtrack for the film!

Photography Workshop

Kids have a unique visual awareness and a natural excitement about using photography to capture the world around them. This workshop uses simple techniques to guide kids through the journey of using photography to tell stories, share their unique perspective, and communicate to the world the differences they see.


The workshop explores different photographic techniques and ideas, allowing kids to experiment, make mistakes and learn through our guidance, their own, and from peers.  Through editing and critiques, kids learn to think critically and to articulate their thoughts and feelings. These discussions provide a platform to acknowledge each and every opinion, thereby building a sense of self-worth and respect for others.



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